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SEO and PPC are Happier Together

January 19, 2013

SEO is search engine optimization that is carried out to gain online visibility and improve the website ranking. It leads to high conversion ratio and high long term ROI. PPC, pay-per-click is a paid marketing technique that increases the traffic remarkably. Both these techniques, when carried out together can bring outstanding results, just like 1+1=3.

SEO, Search Engine Optimization is an organic search marketing, where as PPC, pay-per-click is a paid search marketing.

Though there is a difference between the two, but it is like 1+1=3. Both carried out together can bring out remarkable results. Different factors are considered by both these means to attain the defined results. First, let’s study pros and cons of each of them in order to learn about them better.

SEO Pros: It leads to higher conversion ratio and higher long term ROI, return over investment.

PPC Pros: These campaigns can be more readily launched. They are highly quantifiable and track able. Landing page optimization can be easily done to improve conversion.

SEO Cons: It requires more resources, including technical people, copywriters, etc.  It takes longer to accomplish and is difficult to track.

PPC Cons: It has lower CTR, Click through Rate. It can be costly and can suffer from “Ad blindness”.

Despite of individual cons in both these technologies, they together can be called true search marketing. The research shows that when both of these are carried out together, there were remarkable results seen.  Clicks increased by 92%, actions increased by 45%, orders lifted by 45%, page views lifted by 42%, visitors increased by 41% and the time on site increased by 40%.

EBriks SEO Company is Providing of Search is taken up as a single channel by people. Keyword portfolio coordination is very important in both these marketing tactics. In case of high user generated content, PPC targets “head” keywords while SEO targets “long tail’ keywords. In case of none or little diverse content, PPC targets low cost “long tail” keywords by focusing on attaining immediate results while SEO targets “head” keywords via strong content creation and link building.

PPC can be used for researching page titles. Identify ad copy titles with high Click through Rate, CTR and adopt these ad titles with actual page titles. SEO is about high CTR through organic search results. Instant SEO research can be done with the help of a PPC campaigns. The website should be closely analyzed to understand different keyword permutation. All these measures, when focused at together would do well to the business.

 In short, PPC and SEO together can enhance the volume as well as ROI, Return over Investment. At one end, where SEO is served as long term ROI, at other end, PPC is most flexible and immediate. Hence, it is said that PPC and SEO are happier together.


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