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How to Write Title Tags For Search Engine Optimization

January 23, 2013

Here Todays Ebriks SEO Company are share with you A page’s title is one of the most crucial elements that tell a search engine what your web page is all about. It is a vital on-page factor of any post. In order to increase the number of visitors to your page you must write a good title tag for SEO. Title tags are what search engines use to get a quick idea about a specific page. It is similar to the heading of a lesson in a book. So, it becomes necessary that title tag should be having vital keywords to help the search engine in determining what the page is all about.

How to optimize your title tag?

  • Keyword placement in post-  Make use of keyword research tool, like google’s adwords keyword tool, etc.,  to find most suitable keywords. Once you have decided the primary keyword you want your web post to rank for, you should ensure that it will appear without any alteration. If the keyword is having varied words then you should avoid inserting additional words or punctuations between them, wherever it is possible. Your most important keywords should be first in your title tag, with least important words being last in the title. However, if you are working on a language that reads from right-to-left then this rule is reversed.
  • Use maximum 65 characters- It includes any punctuations or spaces. Google allows up to 80 characters but you will see only first 65 characters in the title. It means, google will show only half of your title if it is having more 65 characters. Such titles appear incomplete and have low click through rate. Unless you are having exceptional content on your web page and know how to create suspense in a title word by word, it is a wise move to stick with only 65-character limit.
  • Avoid using figurative words or phrases– Catchphrases, slang and metaphors are easy to understood by humans but are rarely entered into search engines. So, it would be good to use keywords in proper alignment of the article without sacrificing the integrity of your web content. Leave out words that would look like a sentence (such as- and, if, but, then, etc.) 
  • Don’t repeat your title tags- It is necessary that title tags must be written differently without any replication.
  • Make title tag relevant– Make sure title tags are written in accordance to the content on the page. For example, title tags of ‘about page’ should include- about|keywords|your company name. 



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