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Google AdWords or Facebook Ads: Which Makes More Sense for Your Business?

February 5, 2013
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As a business, Facebook makes its money by selling advertising, more specifically, from selling pay per click advertising.

While Google is a far more diversified company, they likewise make the lion’s share of their money from the sale of advertising using a pay per click model.

As an entrepreneur, marketer, or manager, how do you determine which advertising outlet makes more sense for your company? In this article we will explore the differences between the two ad platforms as well as the advantages and disadvantages of choosing Facebook vs.
Google for your paid search marketing.

As mentioned above, both Google AdWords and Facebook rely on a pay per click advertising model, meaning that advertisers identify how much they are willing to pay for an internet user to click on their ad. Likewise, the advertiser only pays when a user actually clicks. But how can the advertiser make sure she doesn’t incur millions of dollars in costs if millions of users click on her ads? She sets a pre-determined budget, so that her ads automatically stop displaying to users once she reaches her budget.

This leads us to one of the first differences between Facebook advertising and Google AdWords. Facebook ads tend to cost less than Google ads. In other words, the cost per click on Facebook tends to be less than the cost per click on Google. Why? This is largely a function of less competition (or demand) for Facebook ads.

In addition to costing less money, Facebook allows advertisers to use photography or other graphics as part of its standard ad format. By comparison, advertisers using Google AdWords can only use attention-getting graphics if they choose to create banner ads that serve on
Google’s display network. Of course, Facebook advertisers still have very little flexibility regarding formatting. Facebook ads can only use 90 characters and include only a small photograph or graphic.

Perhaps the most dramatic and important difference between Facebook and Google’s pay per click advertising is the fact that Facebook allows advertisers to target their audience with much greater specificity. You can tailor the audience for your Facebook campaign based on hundreds of criteria from basic demographic characteristics like age, gender, and geographic location, to more focused selections, such as users’ jobs, hobbies, musical tastes, movie favorites, etc. Because of this refined targeting, your pay per click ads are seen only by the Facebook users you want to target.

Now for the downside: Facebook users typically don’t log onto their account with the express purpose of seeing your ads. By contrast Google users actually do want to see your ads. At a minimum, they’re looking for information about the specific products or services you’re selling.

They are “solution seekers.” When they enter search terms into Google they’re looking for specific information – maybe even for specific products or services. If your product or service is relevant to their search, then your pay per click ad will display.

This is an essential difference between the two advertising platforms and one that a qualified pay per click management agency will consider when developing a campaign.

So when does Facebook advertising make sense, and when should you use Google AdWords? Here are a few considerations. Facebook can be extremely cost effective to grow brand awareness and build your image, especially among a highly targeted demographic. Google ads make more sense when you’re focused on driving traffic to your website and capturing leads. You’ll likely spend more on Google, but you’ll also likely realize a higher ROI, particularly if you seek assistance from a professional agency to provide pay per click services.

At the end of the day, both Facebook and Google can be highly productive, highly efficient elements of an online marketing program. In addition, as with most online advertising, these platforms give the advertiser great flexibility to test and modify campaigns to optimize their results.


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