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A World Without Passwords: Google’s USB Solution

February 13, 2013
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Passwords have been a necessity since the very first business transaction was completed online. We’ve been so accustomed to them, it’s almost ludicrous to think about what life would be like without them.

According to Microsoft research, the average Internet user has 25 online accounts, and uses 6.5 different passwords to access them. That’s a whole lot of passwords to remember. Although it’s tempting to use only one password across the board, the dangers involved can cost you your livelihood.

As essential as the Internet has become to our daily lives, it resembles the Wild Wild West when it comes to crime. Anonymity reigns and being tech-savvy and without scruples is all anyone really needs to scam, spy and grift.

A Case for Safety
The current model of the password system has been wrought with flaws from Day 1. It is inexpensive for companies to maintain and is somewhat user-friendly for customers. It is recommended passwords be long and complicated— but that makes it even more difficult for (more…)


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