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Digital Marketing Strategies For Small Business Owners

March 14, 2013

EBRIKS INFOTECH SEO COMPANY   Present This Time About You may get lost in the seemingly endless number of options of marketing and promoting your small business via the online media. Perhaps you have heard about twitter, but you haven’t tried to sign up for an account, not knowing the real worth. You have no idea whether traditional marketing tactics will work for you or not. Also, you don’t know too much about other options. EBriks is here to unveil some digital marketing options which are there for a small business owner-

  • Presence on social media- The social media space is widespread. There are varied bookmarking websites, such as stumbleupon, facebook and so on. How do you know what tactic to use to ramp up your company’s marketing presence? First, you should define your objectives. What do you want to get from social media? Are you planning to generate leads, share content or create new relationships? Second, you should choose a platform that fits with your business. If you are into beauty business then you could benefit from facebook, twitter and tumblr.
  • Third, you should ask yourself whether you are going to create a position based around your social media or you will do the posting yourself. If your business is doing good then you should hire an expert who is ready to dedicate his day to varied social media activities.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)- It is important to rank high on search engines to come in the notice of your audience. In order to establish your brand in the online map, SEO is the right way to go. SEO is the integrated digital marketing that allows you to identify keywords/phrases and optimize content in order to increase visibility of your website. Here, measurable link-building and the creation of quality viral content really work in your favour. Scheming and spamming will never take you long.
  • PPC (Pay Per Click)- PPC marketing gives instant results because it allows you to generate visitors quickly and also gives you chance to measure your budget and ROI appropriately. By becoming well-versed in Google AdWords, you can get full advantage of the PPC marketing.
  • Email marketing is important- Never undervalue the importance of email. From viral email campaigns to weekly eblasts, many emails enjoy good opening due to vital factors like subject line, quality, and deployment time. Customers pay attention to only informative emails. Do the thorough research and give your audience what they want.
  • Good content marketing- In the absence of any good content marketing, your website can easily lost its place in the shuffle. You may have heard it many times that you don’t need a social media strategy as much as you need a good content strategy. Although content marketing comprises of quality-written web content and social media maintenance, it is also including blogs, ebooks, webinars, white papers and wide variety of other outlets. Here, the main point is to engage with your customers and educate them about your products/services.



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