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How to Measure Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Marketing ROI?

March 15, 2013

EBRIKS INFOTECH SEO SERVICES COMPANY INDIA Share With you About Search engine optimization or simply called (SEO), can be a major traffic and revenue generator for your business. As you are putting efforts in optimizing your website, you need to put a measurable system in order to track return on investment (ROI) from your SEO efforts. Only if you  measure ROI, you can judge whether your SEO is achieving goals or not. Here’s how you get started-   


Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) – What position is your website ranking on important keywords? What was your ranking before the execution of an SEO program? You should keep in mind that click-through rates fall after the first page of search results, therefore, every position of improvement is extremely crucial.

Site traffic – The main aim of your SEO efforts is to get more visitors to your website and to continually increase visitor volume. By doing careful monthly analysis of your site’s traffic, you can find out which search keywords are performing well, which should be tweaked and which should stop using. Also, constant monitoring of traffic volume and sources will help you in taking decisions regarding link building and is important for off-page optimization activities.

Inbound Links – One of the effective indicators of the success of off-page SEO is the number of credible inbound links which are generated. Google considers high-powered inbound links as “votes” for your website, therefore, more quality links you got for your site, more likely search engines will rank your site.

Page Rank – Page Rank is one of the components of Google’s analysis that assigns a number or rank to each web page on the Internet. The main purpose of Page Rank is to identify which websites are more important. It has its impact on search engine results on specific search terms. By doing SEO activities in an effective way, you can increase your website page rank, which in turn make it look more credible and trusted to search crawlers. The right keywords encourage people to click on the listings. Irrelevant terms won’t generate any traffic.

Conversion rate (CR)- It signifies to the percentage of visitors who visit your web page and complete the desired action which you want them to do. It could be form submissions, leads generation, registrations, etc. It is essential to track your conversion rate.

Indexed pages– It is possible to calculate indexed pages through google, yahoo and bing. You should ensure that the number of indexed pages grow with the time.



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