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Why Google+ is important for SEO

March 18, 2013

EBRIKS INFOTECH SEO COMPANY INDIA Share With You The Google + is one of the social websites that hold importance for businesses. Getting connected to this site directly influences the online visibility, which makes it a wise decision to connect business website to Google+. The “+1” button here is similar to “like’ button in Facebook.

With the intention to make Google+ more famous, even more than Twitter or Facebook, Google reward +1 link more traffic and high weight age, when it comes to ranking over Google SERPs. It is because +1 link gets more Click Through Rate and thus, gets more shared across various social platforms. It would ultimately lead to more reach, more leads and more business. The difference can easily be noted by businesses that have got their websites already listed on Google+. At the same time, Google+ Profile Page Optimization is getting popular with time.

Let’s discuss few of the important parameters that should be focused at in this direction

Google AuthorRank is the status that Google awards to sites for their online presence and credibility. In order to achieve this status, one should fulfil certain eligibility factors, as define by Google. The best way to become AuthroRank is to have attractive content that attract fans. It would be connecting social media with online web content.  So, achieve the rank badge and see your Google + image in search results.

Content plays a major role here. The content posted should be informative and high quality such that readers add you to their circles. Higher the number of circles, more famous and successful you would be in your online business. Apart from adding good content, one should also optimize Google+ profile page, attaining 100% profile completeness. Getting into high profile circles and sharing content publicly can also do good for your business. Don’t forget that engagement and involvement is what Google is aiming for its users. The attractive and thoughtful title along with topic-related image would further be advantageous. Image increases the probability of you content getting shared.

Not only does Google + ends, there, it has brought much more with its chat, which can be personal chat or any discussion.

SEO experts believe that adding Google + page to businesses listing can be a game changer for online businesses. Participating in Google + platform is expecting to do a lot good for businesses. It increases visibility, as social extension link your Google page to your Adwords campaign. So, all “+1” from your page, ad, website, etc get combine together.



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