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All about content: 6 of our all-time favorites

March 19, 2013

Six of our all-time favorite guest posts about content

When putting together our 12 favorite SEO copywriting guest posts from 2012 (as determined by our readers), I began thinking about all the other guest authors that should be recognized for their outstanding contributions to the SEO Copywriting blog.

That thought stayed with me, as did the practical constraint on the number of contributing writers that could fit in one post.

Then the obvious hit me, as it seems to do eventually: we could feature our guest authors in a series of roundups, organizing their posts by a common subject much like the weekly SEO content marketing roundup.

Of course, this won’t be a weekly series, but it seems a great way to showcase the whole gamut of talent and expertise that have enriched this blog over the past few years!

So without further prefacing – here are some of our all-time favorite guest posts around content: creation, marketing, quality, and strategy.


Joe PulizziJoe Pulizzi discusses a time when “content marketing” was known as “custom publishing.” That is, before Junta42 and the Content Marketing Institute decided to “change the conversation” rather than fight for that intensely competitive keyword. Joe encourages us to do the same with Change the game of search by defining your content category.


George PasswaterGeorge Passwater assures us that analytics isn’t just for geeks anymore. In fact, you can uncover a wealth of content marketing opportunities in the data! You don’t have to be a techie to understand these 5 ways to use analytics to find content marketing opportunities.


Angie NikoleychukAngie Nikoleychuk loves Content Criminal Minds, even if it contributes to her “nerdy image.” She likens the show’s Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) characters to the range of characteristics your content needs to be successful. Investigate further with Content Criminal Minds: Why your content needs a BAU.


Ian LurieIan Lurie is amazed “how many business owners and employees think good writing is optional.” With his signature wit, Ian shares some of his personal favorite justifications for having no content. You’ll be incredulous and high amused, too, with Just write! Ian Lurie on why you have to, even if you think you don’t.



Marjorie SteeleMarjorie Steele started out believing that, like so many new freelance copywriters, “any business was good business.” But having been blessed with success, she quickly found herself wondering why living the dream as an independent was so exhausting. Learn what set Marjorie on the path of a balanced freelance lifestyle in Stay true to your SEO content marketing passion: word from the trenches.


Derek CromwellDerek Cromwell wrote this nearly two years ago when Panda first rolled out, so it seems appropriate to list it here to mark the latest update to Google’s quality algorithm. Derek’s words still ring true in Google’s Panda Update: how to win the war with quality content.




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