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Local SEO 5 Best Practices for Small Business Owners to make their business a success history

May 1, 2013

Small businesses should start in local SEO, as it brings with it a lot of benefits that could help them target the audience with local intent. It leads to greater presence and high conversion rate. The increased use of mobile devices is another reason to start in local SEO.

EBRIKS INFOTECH SEO INDIA share with you  About  Local SEO 5 Best Practices for Small Business Owners to make their business a success history .There is no doubt that everybody wants to grow one’s business and thus, they take up various marketing tactics that could help them achieve the desired result. Social media sites have emerged as new platform to help these businesses interact with people. The study has shown that around eleven million businesses have their Facebook pages with more than 150 million active users. Similarly local SEO is one of the other big things that are expected to drive in traffic.

Let’s discuss the reasons that make small businesses love local SEO.

  1. Local SEO leads to greater presence. Google gives more real estate to local results. A person sticking to traditional SEO and PPC may lose on these grounds. Thus, it is advisable for small businesses to take the advantage of local ranking, which would ultimately lead to greater presence.
  2. Local listing in Facebook and Google+ leave the impression of authenticity, as compared to traditional results. It is because of the customers’ reviews, videos, map, address verification, etc attached to a small business page. Thus, it helps in building of trust.
  3. Increasing use of Mobile has given small businesses a reason to love local SEO. SmartPhones are believed to work as new yellow pages. It helps people to make mobile searches conveniently without hassles. Local map listing is believed to be beneficial for small business, who wants to search people with on-the-go and high intent to purchase. Traditional SEO approach may keep you away from this traffic. Keeping in mind the growing need of SmartPhone and iPhones and the upcoming Apple Maps launch, it is becoming essential to have mobile friendly websites that could easily be read on small screens.
  4. People searching with local intent have higher conversion rate, as compared to national terms. Due to geographic proximity, the local searchers have higher conversion ratio.
  5. Local SEO can be said a low-hanging fruit for small businesses. It helps people to fight their way online. It is must for small businesses to make their presence on social media sites and local listings. At the same time, interacting with Facebook audience is also important. One should take care of hitting the right audience, i.e., people discussing on the same category in a particular geography.  People should be asked for reviews and feedback on local pages, whenever possible.

Thus, small business should deal with local SEO to make their path online and take the related advantage.


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