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11 Ways To Get Your Local Search Strategy To The Next Level

July 3, 2013

EBRIKS SEO COMPANY INDIA Provides The Unique Information About  This.With the changing technology, new entrants are finding their way into the online world to take the advantage of online presence. With the aim to get more business, local business is also finding something for itself. Let’s discuss various ways that businesses with local search should adopt to reach to the next level.

  1. Just don’t restrict yourself to Google maps. Do something beyond using cheap tricks. Launch marketing campaigns to help you improve upon the local search visibility.
  2. Look for the ways to organize free seminars and promote the same to let people know about it.  Ask the visitors to review your business. Create online referral program.
  3. Apart from online promotion, advertise offline. TVs, newspapers also have their reach. Collectively, both online and offline means increase brand awareness, which leads to increased search, traffic and in turn, conversion.
  4. Keep a check at various metrics that could be used to measure the growth. Analyse which metrics are useful for your business to keep an eye over the same.
  5. Consistency also plays an important role in Google Places Plus Local. The website for local search should be best in terms of search engine optimization and conversion optimization. One should adopt various practices to maintain a position in local blogosphere and a strong presence in search engine platforms.
  6. It is important to maintain reputation. In order to do so, one should look delivery and customer service sector. A bad reputation can have negative effect on the business. One should monitor the web with the help of features, like Google Alert. The things that are wrong or not liked by customers should be fixed. Resolve customers’ issues, instead of getting into conflict with them.
  7. Pay per click advertising can do wonders in attracting new customers. Know the amount of money; you should spend to get a new customer.
  8. Local content is deemed to play crucial role in local search strategy. It would help you to drive interest of local traffic.
  9. Be active on mobile marketing. The increasing growth in mobile search has widened up the horizons for mobile marketing. People use mobile to carry out local search. Thus, it is must to have mobile version of the website to make it easy for people to search.
  10. Use tools, like whtespark to manage citation building process. One can also use data aggregators for small businesses.
  11. Be aware about the changing algorithms, trends and technology, as local search is the most volatile segment of search.



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