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Free Ways to Reach More People on Facebook

July 4, 2013

EBRIKS SEO COMPANY INDIA Provides The Information About The study carried out on social media spends brought to light that people are regularly increasing their budget in this area in order to reach more people through social media sites. It makes sense, as there are more than 650 million daily active users and it is 26% increase year-over-year. These insights are supposed to be helpful in monitoring progress. The effectiveness of social media as a marketing channel has left industries wondering. One of the strong reason of its increasing popularity is low cost associated with it. One needs not have to spend much to reach more people. The visibility over Facebook can be increased by sharing right type of photos, text and videos.

Let’s discuss about free ways to reach more people on Facebook.

EdgeRank: A large amount of time is spent on browsing through NewsFeeds. EdgeRank is a Facebook way of evaluation, if the content is worthy of being put on friend’s News feeds. Affinity, weight and time are taken into consideration at this point. Affinity is measurement of relationship between developer and viewing user. The closer is the relationship, higher is the EdgeRank. Weight is measurement of type of video, text or photos shared. In order to have more weight, the posts should be more interactive.  Videos and photos are believed to be more effective, as they have proved to keep visitors on site. Time is the direct measure of freshness. The updates should be posted regularly to have this edge.

Stay Relevant: It is very important to post relevant updates. Topics, like religion and politics should be avoided. One should keep an eye over audiences’ interest and should post accordingly.

Short & Sweet: The posts should be short, something around 250 characters or less, as Facebook users have a limited amount of time to surf them. 

Know Your Audience: The best way to know your audience is to analyze traffic. What time of day does your site gets most traffic? When does your site get the most visits? Such data can be collected to know the audience.

Be Consistent: One should always have a consistent posting strategy to keep people updated. It would maintain their interest and remind them of the brand regularly. At the same time, consistent post keep people informed.

Above all, a planned marketing strategy is very vital to maintain online visibility and keep user engage. One should not forget that social media is a growing platform that increases online presence and help companies spread brand awareness.



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