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Social & Local Marketing Ideas Based on the Consumer Journey

July 5, 2013

EBRIKS INFOTECH SEO Company India Provides This Time About There are various social and local marketing ideas that could be implemented to improve upon the marketing performance. These ideas are no doubt useful in spreading brand awareness and getting more traffic. In big organizations that are spread across various locations, spreading awareness becomes a challenge. The business information should be available in all local directories that make it a complicated task.

Local specific landing pages for industries should be built, wherein which there should be discussion of important work done in that area. It is better to create few landing pages on key location with decent content than creating thousands for pages with generic content. Having an address on Google Mapmaker is considered to be an extra advantage. It is something beyond Google+ local page. Semantic markup of data is beneficial for better looking results. Event markup is good for local search. CTR should also be looked into, as it is an important ranking factor.

After spreading the awareness, businesses need to build preference for brand in the niche. One should carry out various means to engage with local celebrities that would definitely add value to help people develop preference. Once people get engage, there are almost ready to make the purchase. Thus, businesses should be ready to provide a better user experience to increase the probability for conversion.

SMS is believed to be powerful tool to reach to customers, especially in business with local intent. The use of geofencing technology is helpful in asking people in vicinity to turn up to your store in vicinity. The widening geofencing network can do good to small businesses. Here, social sharing can bring up great results.

Landing pages for brands play a significant role, especially when it comes to purchase. Local landing pages are considered to be first step in conversion funnel. They make great user experience, thus, organizations should focus on them. Local staff and consumers can also be good source to the content of these pages. The good reviews shared by them can be helpful in new customer acquisition.

The important of quality local landing pages can be lot helpful in getting the maximum advantage. It should be empowered by local staff and should offer better experience to potential customers. Even the social followers stay connected with the brand, which lead to more references and recommendations. It serves as an effective local SEO strategy that improves upon the conversion rate and drives in profitability. 



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