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Research Shows Images Get the More Customer Engagement

July 16, 2013

Children books are brimming with attractive and colorful images. Have you ever though why? Well, it is so because looking at visuals is way more interesting than reading that may or may not be of nay interest to the reader. This psychological fact is applicable not only for a child but also for an adult. A website that shows its content is more favorable than the one which tells. To solidify this fact, let’s take a hypothetical case. Suppose that you have to choose from two options one of which is a 2 hour movie that has no dialogues, for example a tom and jerry movie and another is a 2 hour audio which does not have any kind of visual. Research has shown that most people prefer the former option.

EBRIKS INFOTECH SEO COMPANY INDIA Share With You The Outstanding News About This. It is as simple as something can get. One would rather stop on a website that has its content half text and half image than the one with complete text. Who has that much of time in this fast paced world to read the whole content of a website? Most web surfers simply read a few words or the ones which are highlighted and coordinate them with images to understand the business. Also, text has language boundaries. Though we have good translators these days but who wants to take that much of effort? Pictures are understood by all, regardless of what language they speak. At times, a text is hard to be understood. In such cases, a picture can enhance its meaning and make it easy for the reader to understand the context of the article. Another benefit is that pictures distinguish your business. Let’s take a case of 5 companies that sell shoes. When advertising about their products, all five will write the term “attractive shoes”, if it is about plain text. But when they are using visuals, all five of them will be displaying different types of shoes which will distinguish all of them from each other.

The adage “A picture is worth a thousand words” is indeed true, especially when it comes to internet marketing. So do make sure to design your website in such a way that it looks visually attractive to the visitors. Upload relevant pictures in your website popups and advertisements. Instead of telling, believe in portraying your business if you want to have a really successful internet marketing.



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