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What is negative SEO?

July 17, 2013

There are two ways a company can excel in terms of internet marketing. Firstly, it can do extremely well in its line of business or it can make its competitor look worse than itself. The latter is technically known as negative SEO. While positive SEO is a way of promoting your business on the internet, negative SEO is usually done to downgrade the web ranking and reputation of the rival company or a competitor. There are companies that don’t have any good things about themselves to highlight, which is why they highlight the bad things of their competitors, getting them de-ranked or banned on the web as a consequence.

EBRIKS INFOTECH SEO COMPANY SHARE With You This. There are a number of negative SEO tactics. One of the tactics is disreputable backlinks. Google automatically de-ranks such websites that use too much of optimization and manipulated strategies like links that are of not much value to the visitors. Disreputable backlinks means when competitors create over-optimized and spam sites and link them to their targeted website. This fools Google into de-ranking the targeted website. So basically, you won’t even know and you will be considered disreputable by search engines. Another method of negative SEO is submitting fake reviews. It is very easy for your competitors to add fake reviews about your company’s products and services. This leads to a decline in your sales. DMCA removal request is another of the dangerous negative SEO tactics. Competitor sends an email to the webmaster that some page that has links to your website is a copyright infringement and notifies to remove it immediately. Apart from these, there are other methods too like duplicating content, copyright takedown notices, tattling, etc. which can degrade the reputation and web ranking of your website.

Though it is a fact that negative SEO can not be absolutely eliminated, there are certain steps that can be taken in order to defend your website against order to fist check whether you are a victim of negative SEO is to check your web stats regularly. Maintaining a good professional relation with linked webmasters is one method of taking down the negative references about your website. Also, having a solid SEO and reputation management company also serves a great heed. Google’s disavow links tool is the best method to avoid back linking. This tool allows you to submit a list of links that you do not want Google to take into consideration when deciding on your ranking. Dealing with negative SEO is difficult but possible and you can even hire professionals to handle it.


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