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Facebook Graph Search: How Multi-Location Brands & Local Marketers Can Capitalize?

July 18, 2013

EBRIKS  INFOTECH SEO COMPANY Share This Time  AboutEverybody of us is aware of the growing importance of local marketing, especially with the coming of mobile devices, like smartphones, tablets, etc. People on the go use these devices to look for the contact details, direction to nearest location of a business and this means is regularly growing in popularity because of the importance of ease and accuracy of information that users get.

Multi-location brands and local marketers were struggling to make this information accurate and accessible; Facebook Graph Search came into role and developed high level of interest, as it is the first to disrupt the traditional search behaviour that brings in relevant content from the web. On other hand, Facebook Graph Search brings in personalized content from social graph. Taking advantage of the social graph, Facebook searches for people, videos, photos, etc that are shared by people.

Local marketers, multi-location brands, agencies should capitalize this opportunity. In order to do so, they should get local by claiming local page for each location and work with local representatives to build on local followers. Local facebook pages can carry out the task better than national brand pages in various ways. The study has brought to light that local Facebook page is more effective than corporate brand image. It receives five times more marketing reach and eight times more engagement. Likewise, content from these pages also receive more users’ newsfeed and likely to cause more engagement.

Let’s look at the steps that may lead to Graph Search Success.

Though one should continue manage established page, but they should also build location page tied to their corporate page. The information filled in about section is useful in helping users finding pages in graph search. Take care that correct information is filled in these pages; else it may cause frustration and may become the cause of dissatisfaction among customers. Removing duplicate listing is also crucial.

Customer engagement should be taken care of.  It is important to build local followers and that can be easily done by creating new pages for each location. Engaging customers to write reviews, increase likes, etc. It would lead to more interaction. There can be other activities; such as check-in rewards, recommendation box, etc that could be helpful in improving upon the level of engagement. Relevant local content can further bring upon customers’ engagement. The interaction on a page soon appears on Graph search results and thus, can be beneficial for the growth of the business.



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