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The Definitive Guide to Recovery from the Unnatural Link Penalty

July 24, 2013

EBRIKS INFOTECH SEO COMPANY INDIA Share This Time About Google keeps on making changes in its algorithm, which ultimately affects SEO techniques from time to time.  One of the recent changes brought about in was unnatural link penalty. Unnatural links are the links that are placed to bring changes in Google’s search ranking. Making any change that affects ranking of the site or the quality of search results is considered to be violation of Google’s webmaster guidelines. It includes practices, such as buying and selling of links, link exchanging, building unnecessary website pages, using any automated technique, etc. Few of the common examples of the above mentioned practices are footer links, forum comments, links from low quality directories, etc.

Many sites got affected with the unnatural link penalty, for violating Google’s quality guidelines. It is important for such site owner to correctly identify the reason for penalty, before looking at the ways to recover. The professionals’ assistance can be taken to help sites recover, after identifying the right cause of being penalized.

The experts would identify offensive links and would then, remove them strategically. Removing natural or high quality links can be harmful for the website. In-depth analysis for inbound links should be carried out with the help of tools to analyze link profile. One can go to Google webmaster tool and can click on traffic and then, on link to the site to know about the links that Google have on record. Likewise, there is open site explorer to check link profile. It can also be used to learn about the usage of excessive keywords.

Another important point to remember is to identify unnatural links. Remove the links that do not send any referral traffic. Be patient, as in over enthusiasm, people remove low quality links obtained naturally and thus, face consequences of negative effect on the ranking.

The best way to remove unnatural links is to start with site-wide links. If there are many links coming to the single page of the site, they are site-wide links and should be removed. One can also remove linked page or can relocate the page, if the content is worth keeping. It is easy to remove links that are under control. There are tools available to carry out the task of removing unwanted links. Before you adopt any of these means, it is better to seek experts’ guidance. An SEO professional can help you in recovering the site from unnatural link penalty, adopting the right tips and tactics.



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