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Defining Authorship: The Difference between Contributors and Guest Authors

July 25, 2013

EBRIKS INFOTECH SEO COMPANY INDIA Authorship is a claim made by the writer of any content. It is a kind of indication that the author makes to tell that he is the writer of a particular content. This brings recognition to the author. It is a tool that connects your profile to the content that your write. There are two kinds of authors – guest authors and contributors. While guest authors are people who post content on a website without maintaining a regular profile, contributors are those who write for a website every now and then. With a constant presence, contributors’ writings drive traffic and sales to a respective website. Guest posting is comparatively less favored as compared to contributors, both by the search engines as well as publishers. In contrast to guest authorship, contributors are considered more reliable by publishers as well as readers. Contributing brings way more value to your internet marketing than does guest authorship.

Guest articles are most inclined towards what the website is really about. Contributors on the other hand orient website according to what they write. They have a free will to write about any relevant topic. But a contributor always has a better idea of what all works for your website and what drives internet users towards it. The content written by a guest author serves for itself while a contributor’s content serves the purpose of a website. As a contributors writes on a regular basis for your website, he understands what your audience likes. This enables him to write according to their desires and hence drive more traffic as well as SEO value towards your publication.

There is always a sense of alienation in the content written by a guest author while contributor’s content is accompanied by a sense of belonging. In a nutshell, guest writers produce links for your audience while contributors build relationships with your audience. Lately, there has been a lot of debate going on about guest authorship. Google wants content that is actually of use to the visitors, and this knowledge is completely the domain of a regular blogger called contributor. Author rank is also dependent on this. It is a powerful tool for personal branding an authority building. A better ranking can be achieved way more easily and earlier by a contributor than a guest author. Author ranking has a direct impact on search result ranking of a particular content. Authorship verifies the authenticity of a piece of article and this further improves its ranking on the search results.



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