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Have A Look On Post Penguin 2.0 SEO Strategies for Local Businesses

August 14, 2013

EBRIKS INFOTECH SEO COMPANY INDIA Provides the Best Information To You About It is now the official news that Google has unveiled penguin 2.0 on May 22. Penguin 2.0 has a much “deeper” algorithmic update with increased emphasis on flushing out those websites that were benefited from link spamming. It also says that more websites will be positively impacted by this as against to its predecessor, which was launched in 2012. That update fell harsh on websites with unnatural links in check.

Penguin 2.0 is mainly focussing on back link patterns, anchor text uses and manipulative link building tactics which can easily misguide any end users. It has been found out that the Penguin update of 2013 has scared small or local business owners as they don’t know how this update will impact local search results. Small regional businesses can benefit from an update like this as it helps in increasing their exposure for informational queries.


Now local businesses should start taking steps to radically increase their local marketing strategies in order to extract benefits from this update. Let’s have a look on the practical activities that should be taken in order to ensure that your name is found in the search results in the post penguin world.

Get local citations- Original penguin algorithm has already cleared that quality citation has a promising future and now it is become more clear that along with links, local citations or brand mentions will also become important post penguin. Citations play an imperative role in local search ranking. This simply means that the more your name, address and phone number is found on websites related to your area, the high will be your local search ranking. As the citation building is the vital part of a local SEO, it is important to create a strong citation profile for your local business all over the internet. It is equally important to make sure that you have used correct citation on the websites such as City Search, Yellow Pages and MapQuest, as it will play a crucial role in creating your business locally. Local citations will disseminate your business information to those sources, which rely more on search engines for valid and authentic business information.

Guest blogging- It is always useful to create and distribute relevant content on highly trusted websites with natural back links to your own site. Here, guest blogging can play a powerful role. Local businesses make use of guest blogging as a highly crucial asset as it gives more prominence to brand. Guest blogging encourages contextual links back to your website which increases authority and local organic search rankings. The results become more important when blogs enjoy geo-local presence. If it is possible, you should also add your name, phone number and address in the post.

Page creation for each location- For those businesses who have multiple locations, Google Penguin 2.0 has made it necessary to create location specific pages. If you are operating in multiple locations then you should make sure that you are allotting a separate page to each location in order to increase your chances of getting high rank in local search results. Make sure that all such pages are including relevant information about the store and services, along with the complete contact details.

Local reviews on Google+- Google is giving more importance to social signals, such as online client reviews, in order to ascertain the relevancy of the business, The most effective way to encourage customers to write reviews is to shoot out personalized emails to your clients asking them to contribute in the review section on your Google+ Local page.

Make sure to optimize google+local page- Google+ local listings offer local small businesses a chance to get a clear visible location on the local search engine result pages. So, it is important to optimize google+local page to get best results.

Apply for google authorship- With the help of Google authorship, it becomes easy for the google to differentiate a spammer from an author. The detail of author of the content is also shown on the search results. Such details include the head shot of the author, his Google+ profile link and also include search results link of the author. Obviously, authorship and a pic of the author will help in increasing web traffic.

Make your website mobile friendly– With a massive increase in local searches on mobile devises, it is important for small businesses to effectively optimize their website for mobile. It has been found out that in mobile devices search results, the element of geocentric is high as compared to the desktop-based search results.

So, in order to ensure easy searching of your business for your mobile visitors, you should have ia mobile version of your website.

Local content marketing- It is beneficial to use tailored content marketing by local businesses because it will help them to engage audiences and will also earn natural links.

Local video marketing- Make use of video marketing to establish your local business in the online world. Video is an important tool for local SEO campaigns as through videos you can interact with your clients. Videos can either be uploaded on YouTube or directly on your website.

Press releases– Press release is an effective way of getting high ranks in local searches. A well written press release also generates awareness and creates a local buzz. It is always useful to create and distribute press releases if you have something worthy to share. It is useful to hire a local writer from the local news paper to get a powerful exposure. By including name, address of your business, you will get high quality back links.

Social Media use- Social media is not only helpful in increasing your SEO ranking but also gives you a chance to connect with your present and future clients. It is always recommended to use facebook, linkedin, twitter, pinterest, youtube, google+ to strengthen your brand awareness. Your followers and friends will give you a word-of-mouth publicity, which can give more visibility to your online business.


Have a quick look

Things which you should do

  • Generate good quality content
  • Google authorship
  • Local listing
  • Social media signals
  • Remove those links which have no value


Things which you should avoid

  • Paid links
  • Over optimization
  • Copied content
  • Keyword stuffing
  • Unnatural links



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