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5 Important SEO Shots- Have A Look!

August 23, 2013

In order to succeed in the internet world, it is important to follow some
SEO rules. Any non compliance of the rule, could lead to disastrous results.
Majority of websites have been penalised by either Penguin, Panda, or both.
In order to safeguard your website against such Google updates, it is
important to pay attention towards the following five SEO shots-

.         Top quality should be maintained

.         Content should be unique

.         High authority level should be established

.         Relevancy

.         Trust is an important factor

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However, it is important to understand that all shots count in SEO and
therefore, if there is any shortcoming in one area then you should equally
compensate it by putting more effort towards other area.

Top quality

EBRIKS INFOTECH SEO COMPANY INDIA share This time The Unique Information about This.Always create good content. This is the first rule of SEO. It is always
important to maintain a high quality user experience. You should have a
content which is closely associated with your business. Take your time in
creating good content so that you can create high level of relevancy and can
establish yourselves in the market as a trusted brand. By creating a good
piece of content, you can establish yourselves in the market as a reliable
solution provider. Here, you should note that content should be unique. It
means, it should be something which can easily set you apart from others in
the web market. It could be anything about your product or services or
something about the latest happening.

Users have supreme powers

No doubt, SEO is really telling people that your site is a trusted brand but
it is important to know how people basically react to your presence. Due to
this reason, user experience is really important. Is your user get high
quality user experience when you have 6000 links in your main navigation
bar?Or, Is it a high end user experience when you are showing 60 widgets on
every website page? It is important to see quality from all angles in order
to ensure high conversion flow.

In the absence of quality, uniqueness is of no importance. Though basic SEO
rule tells you the importance of unique content, but it is equally important
to include attributes like quality trust and authority within the content.
And while you still may be having a fake blog where each article is
containing five paragraphs and you have put three links into every content
piece and you still believe that it is going to help you but in reality, it
will generate no fruitful results.

If you want to recover from penguin or any manual link penalty, you would be
needed to stop playing all these games. You should know the long-term need
of writing unique content that really can do wonders.

Establish your authority

What special thing you are doing to tell people that ‘in this area, market,
we are the trusted name’?Have your article author is having a viable web
presence or you are posting articles under the head ‘uncategorized’ and
written by ‘admin’? It is important to take all necessary steps to reinforce
authority on different online channels in order to expand your web market.

Create relevancy

Gone are those days when relevancy meant ‘matching keywords from page to
page, link to link and then website to site. In current scenario, if you
want to create a strong impact then you are needed to do what was always
considered the best relevancy practice. Relevance here applies to the
purpose of a website in regard to transactional or informational. It is
needed to match the relevance of searcher intent along with the decision
making timeline. Here, relevance is applicable on topical focus grouping and
is also applied to your presence in social media. Do you have social
profiles on all those websites, where your clients/prospective customers are
spending their time?

Engaging user experience boosts trust

If you are creating profiles on ‘all the websites; just because you have
heard it’s crucial for doing online reputation management (ORM), do you know
you are required to build every one of those up in a different isolated
organic way in order to avoid low quality presence signals?

Are you involved in participating in social media as the only way of pushing
your own content? Or are you involving your market/audience in a different
ways that help in knowing that your brand, in reality, has a human behind
it?Is your web content only instills distrust? Are you taking part in guest
posts that reinforce trust? When people say any negative thing about your
brand on social media, do you respond in a respectful manner or do you only
believe on the counter-attack?

And at last..

Though above mentioned SEO shots are important but that can differ from one
case to other. So, this is not an exhaustive list and therefore, you should
do in-depth study of SEO process before formulating your plan.




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