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7 Video Marketing Core Best Practices for Brand Marketers

August 24, 2013

 EBRIKS INFOTECH  SEO COMPANY INDIA Provides This Time The Online marketing has opened up boulevards for businesses to spread message to people at large. It comprises various sub categories that help marketers to take advantage of. A few of them includes content marketing, image marketing, video marketing, link building, etc. video marketing is one of the emerging techniques, with YouTube, being the major player in successfully driving digital and video marketing success.

In order to get best business marketing results, the brands are moving beyond television style brand awareness to social media channels that focus more on social engagement for long term effects. Marketers using YouTube for business marketing see remarkable results in short time span. It is just because its data is owned and managed by top global brands.

In order to bring out the best results, marketers should follow core video marketing practices that are no doubt, valuable lessons.

  1. Regular video post: The research has brought to light that successful brands publish high volume of video content on regular basis. Leading media brands publish these videos in high volume, even up to 500 videos per month.
  2. Adequate video optimization: YouTube channel architecture should be seriously integrated in the marketing strategy; it is the second largest search engine. The rules followed by YouTube SEO are different to those of traditional SEO. It is advisable to optimize videos and channels.
  3. Avoid overproduction trap: It is because lesser quality videos also work well. Marketers focus more at video content without pondering over much of prime-time quality.
  4. Consistent Strategy: It is one of the key marketing techniques to integrate YouTube, i.e., online video strategy into their offline marketing strategy. Few marketers even prefer producing video series to engage audience. It leads to continued advertising that results in sustainable channel growth.
  5. Branding should not only be consistent, but also intelligent and methodical. Marketers brand their videos with adequate content as well as meta data, including tags and descriptions.
  6. Focus on adding content, rather than channels. The video content should be designed, focusing on target audience.
  7. Social media and engaging community. These days, social media has turned out to be an important source of traffic. Thus it is advisable to share video on social network. It attracts viewers, boosts traffic and ultimately, brings in good results.

It is believed that the company should take care of these practices in order to boost traffic at large. Marketers have measured significant improvement, following these core video marketing techniques.



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