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What are the 4 H’s of SEO?

August 27, 2013

EBRIKS INFOTECH SEO COMPANY INDIA Provides This Time The Fantastic Information About  Every individual is blessed with 4 H, which stands for Head, Heart, Hand and Health. Likewise, every technique can be successfully, when used with 4 H. let’s discuss how SEO, Search Engine Optimization can be best put to use, with these 4 H.

Head: Here, it means brain storming, i.e., coming up with different ideas for website improvement. No matter, how well is website designed, but it is equally true that there is always the scope of improvement. Hence, one should come up with different ideas to bring changes in the site, using his or her head. Blog topic ides, video, images, etc should all be looked into.

Heart: It is never recommended to take in short cuts. Buying links to boost ranking immediately is not helpful in longer run. You might be caught somewhere. The technique of SEO demands patience. The results are visible only after regular hard work and adequate experience. The use of techniques, such as content marketing, video marketing, website designing, etc, needs to be looked into carefully for fruitful long-lasting results.

Hands: Get your hands dirty. Here, it stands for the hard work that one need to do to make a particular task a success. One cannot sit back and expect the results to appear. Instead, there is a need of regular hard work, pondering over all related aspects and rectifying bugs to be successful. Regular posting of blogs and keeping a check over social media posts, while at the same time, competitor mapping, etc should be done side by side. The crucial elements of website designing and optimization should be taken into consideration.

Health: After successfully using the above three elements, the health of website should be checked thoroughly. It should be audited to check for broken links and missing tags. The content should be updated from time to time. There should be regular checks to ensure proper functioning of the website. Many a time, minor issues may hold back your site from achieving good ranking. At the same time tools, like Google Analytics should be used to see the improvements in the website.  It should be interactive enough to attract viewers; as such a site would start on discussion and earn branding.

In order to implement these 4 H, one needs to design in a well planned strategy that looks at every aspect and come up with fruitful results. thus, now remember head, hand, heart and health and work over the website accordingly to let it stand out of the crowd.



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