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Effective Techniques To Establish The Authority Of Your Brand In The Market

August 29, 2013

EBRIKS INFOTECH SEO COMPANY INDIA Provides This Time The Unique  Start doing informative blogging– A regularly updated blog provides customers a reason to frequently visit your site. However, you should not fall in the trap of easy to write blog posts. If your blog post is not interesting or informative then it won’t leave any impression in the mind of readers.


Always respond to comments on your blog– Your work doesn’t get finished only by creating blog because it is important to expand your authority further by responding to each blog comment. By doing so, you will be able to connect with your readers.


Do regular updation on your social profiles– Social profiles don’t talk by themselves as you will be required to lend your voice to them. So, in order to establish your authority, it is important to maintain an editorial calendar that involves checking in with your social profiles at least twice a day. It will remind you when you should update your social profile.

Make use of search filters for answering questions on twitter– While doing twitter posting, run a few search queries for such tweets which are having the keywords that a potential customer can use to search about your industry.

Start doing guest blogging on industry websites– Guest blogging is known as a powerful approach to build authority, as it gives visibility to your business among established audience. On the basis of the caliber of the guest blogging website, you can do posting.


Reap the benefits of YouTube channel- YouTube offers immense benefits. With more than six billion hours of footages are watched every month, it is important to upload good quality content on this video sharing site in order to get recognition for your brand.


Make use of whitepapers– Wikipedia defines whitepaper as an authoritative report or a guide that helps readers in understanding the problem or an issue and thus, plays an important role in taking a decision. Whitepapers are viable ways to establish your brand’s authority and therefore, you should judiciously use them. They give an air of professionalism and authority, which you may find it difficult to achieve by using blog posts alone.


Creation of infographic-There is no doubt that infographics are highly sharable. The more sharing a piece of content gets, the more recognition a company’s brand can get. However, infographic creation isn’t a cheap and an easy task but investing into a top notch quality infographic will worth it when it comes to building authority.


Take help of mini sites– Mini sites are the new entrants in the digital marketing world. Basically, mini sites can be defined as small web properties that are in sync with a company’s main website in some interesting or informative way. Again, you may be needed to shell out money but when it comes to building authority, the investment is worth it.



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