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How Many Social Buttons Your Website Is Having?

August 30, 2013

Social buttons, like facebook, twitter, etc., at the top of the articles can
play a great role in spreading your content organically and also play an
imperative role in SEO process. However, the availability of too many
choices can also dilute the impact of some of the important platforms. Let’s
have a look on some of the most popular social buttons which should be there
on your website-

EBRIKS INFOTECH SEO COMPANY INDIA Provides This Time The Outstanding News For You Please See It About Facebook- With more than 1.1 billion users and counting, Facebook has
emerged out as the most popular social networking tool. It has also become a
viable platform that witnesses the highest level of user engagement.

Twitter- With more than 500 million users, twitter is a popular social
networking tool. It’s a much more open method of communication than Facebook
because users are allowed to ‘follow’ whoever they want, rather than acting
in a close-knit, encouraged by Facebook. This unique features make it a
profitable platform for sharing and spreading the content.

Google+- Google says that their social platform is now having 343 million
active users and thus, it is the fastest growing social network. Google ‘+1’
button seems to be very useful from the SEO point of view. The recent
changes in Google’s search ranking algorithm has prioritised social shares –

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particularly by using their own service. It made the inclusion of Google+
button important.

Linkedin- This is another button which you should given more importance.
Usually, linkedin is used more for professional purposes, therefore, we
don’t know how much visibility people would get by sharing content on it.
Unlike, facebook and twitter, Linkedin is not used by people for sharing
interesting articles. It has been found out most of the users have joined
the linkedin to accomplish their objective of job hunting, recruitment and
for keeping in touch with other business professionals.

StumbleUpon / Digg / Delicious – In the last few years, the use of these
widgets have witnessed a fall, which has coincided with the rise in Google+
and Pinterest. However, many times, the anonymity of StumbleUpon / Digg /
Delicious works in its favour. You may not be interested in sharing gamble
or alcohol related content on facebook/twitter but you can easily do the
same on stumbleupon/digg/delicious.

Pinterest- If we would go with Alexa rankings then we can conclude that
Pinterest is the 42nd busiest site in the world. It is being increasing used
by people for both marketing and business purposes. However, it has also
been found out that it has a very specific audience, as 82% of users being
female, who love to talk about only their primary interests, like hobbies
and crafts, fashion, interior designs, etc. For these reasons, it would be
appropriate to know the theme of the website before using the button.

AddThis/ShareThis- These are relatively new social buttons, which permit
users to share the content across different range of platforms, including,
twitter, facebook, and LinkedIn. The notable feature of these services is
that they can be effectively used for streamlining social media chores,
like, sharing your own articles and making sure that these are reached at
right time.

Which Buttons are Right for You?

You should choose social buttons on the basis of the aesthetics of your
website or blog and the need to reach out to more and more people. We feel
that four social buttons, along with an email button, is a right balance for
your website. But again, it will depend on the requirements of your website.
If it’s a busy layout then it would be good to use two or three at the most.

Also, you should choose social button on the basis of type of content that
you are producing. For instance, if you are selling western dresses online
then you would need to include a Pinterest button as that platform can
easily show your visual-heavy content.

The most imperative thing which should be kept in mind is that web trends
change almost overnight and therefore, in order to expand the reachability
of your content, you are required to stay up-to-date with these changes and
then incorporate them into your social strategy. It means you should not
hesitate from adopting new buttons if you think they will help your website
and discarding old ones when they fail to generate any profitable return


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