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Link Building And Content Refreshment

September 6, 2013

EBRIKS INFOTECH SEO PACKAGES INDIA Provides This Time The Unique And Quality Information About  Link building with the help of content- Google has made it difficult to build links without the use of content. It has been found out that links without surrounding context have gotten their values lowered and due to which SEOs have used content into their link building world. Guest posts are becoming popular. There is one section of a population of SEOs who is still depending on to article marketing as a tactic. The poorly written content isn’t helping much; some of the industry is also expecting google to target thin guest posting.


Performing outreach- Link building outreach is also negatively affected by weak, spammy attempts of reaching webmasters. It’s always good to offer valuable information to a webmaster because then only it can scalable across different websites. But many times, the only way to get the link is one-on-one communication. Many times, the communication is also personal, where you are required to build trust. Though, it is true that in many cases, it got ignored or declined but successful outreach does happen when you try to add value to another website or a company and not just your own.


Rules to follow to get success with personalized outreach

  • Approach. But don’t approach hard- It is always good to be prepared but don’t go in full force. You should be gentle. Make sure you are devoting time in reading posts or tweets from the person you are approaching to and is making use of the information in your outreach. It’s a good thing to consider.
  • Have a common ground- It is recommended to choose your link partners only after due consideration. Is there any connection between you and their business?
  • Offer something of value- What can you offer that other website really wants? Probably, they may not be requiring mundane, boring post. It means, if you are only trying to acquire a link for the sake of links and not offering the website something that will be interesting, you probably won’t get anything.


Benefits of updating content-

Broken link building became quite popular in 2012. This method can generate some serious link opportunities. Just think about a website that was unknowingly linked to content on the web that was although deleted or re-directed. Sites always try to link to a relevant content but were completely unaware that it may have been taken off the internet. This is a situation where you need to start repairing.

Here, steps are simple. You need to reach out to the webmaster and inform them that the link is broken and then give them a link to some content on your own website with which they can easily replace their broken link. Usually, it is difficult to devote time on minor areas, like, which outbound links are working and which are not but by sending an informative email regarding the link issue, you will be able to win the trust of webmaster.


Pay attention towards content refreshment

Nobody wants to go wrong, especially when the credibility of their content is at stake. But in reality, it is not an easy task to keep content fresh, especially when you are on large sites. That’s where, SEO can help you.


Competitive Analysis- Another area where you should pave your focus is competitive analysis. By viewing the back links of your competitors, you can easily know their relevancy and decide whether you want to do it by yourself or not. By checking the back links of your rivals, you can get an overall idea as to how to approach with your link building strategy.


To sum up, link building is an imperative concern for most SEOs and there are different ways of doing it. These methods are not at all difficult and time consuming and all it takes here is to try to see the results.



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