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How To Get Links For A Newly Launched Website?

September 7, 2013

It is quite a daunting task to launch a new website. It is also one of the important ways to get a smooth flow of links pointing back to your way. There are hundreds of things which you are required to think about when you’re launching a new website (millions if you’re changing your domain name) but one thing that is ignored is how you’re going to promote it.

  • EBRIKS INFOTECH SEO PACKAGES INDIA Internal buy in- You may already having a group of people who will surely be interested in sharing and talking about your new website. However, here you should note that they may not be as link savvy as like you, so you should not hesitate from educating them on the best ways of disseminating the news. For instance,
  • you should make use of the ‘share’ button from your company’s facebook post on the launch instead of posting it through your personal account. You should provide right descriptions for your new brand, like, ‘web design company’ to ‘digital agency’ so that they can write about the same on their personal sites.
  • Inform your clients- On the same pattern like informing your internal team about the new product launch, you should inform your customers, partners, friends about your new website and request them to share it too. It is also a nice idea to send out personalized emails to clients and let them know of the changes and what they can do, asking them for their feedback and request them to share it with their friends.
  • Pre-launch teasers- Nearly, a month before launching, you should start telling people about your new website and brands. You can plan a series of blog posts and can also put screen shots of the website on instagram and facebook. Tweet about your new website. All these steps will fill excitement in people and they will start talking about your brand.
  • Press release- After the launching, you should send out press releases and use different press mediums to effectively convey your points.
  • Social sharing- Make optimum use of different social sharing platforms for sharing your content. Posts with photos, usually get more engagement from people as compared to posts without photos. You should make sure that your website is perfectly optimized with open graph so that your sharing can get the most reachability.



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