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How To Leverage Merchant Feeds To Do Effective Optimization Of Product Listing Ads?

September 16, 2013

EBRIKS INFOTECH SEO COMPANY INDIA Provides This Time The Important News About Product Listing Ads (PLAs) are known as the new hipster advertisements of search marketing but it has been found out that varied retailers aren’t fully utilizing the huge opportunity. But, have you though how can you optimize your merchant feed for your PLA campaigns and what good practices you should implement today?

Merchant feeds are the new class of keywords in retail. When you include common terms found in consumer intent within strategic fields of your merchant feed, you will see that your campaigns have garnered additional visibility within search results and google shopping. If you are having insufficient ton of query data at your disposal for determining what elements are more to important to include in your feed, you should start mining your high ranking queries from organic search. The more richer your feed is, the more depth you will get in the query space.


Let’s have a look on some crucial tips on optimizing your feed for relevancy and reach-

You should make your feed as comprehensive as possible- It is a wise decision to include all of your product in your merchant feed. If you would exclude products from your feed then it means that you have excluded a whole set of keywords from your adwords campaign. Though you may generate traffic for queries to similar products but if you will not have all your products in your feed then it means that you will be sacrificing relevancy.

Make sure that your feed is complete- You should be sure that every attribute/field is having an associated value. If there would be any missing particular intents/terms in your keywords then it will create gaps in your query coverage.

You should enrich your feed- You should optimize the content of your feed on the basis of how users search for your items. In order to do this, you would be required to convert non-standard intents, synonyms and terms into attributes optimized for real world queries.

You should optimize your product titles- You should take steps to optimize your product titles for display on a SERP with limited characters. If you will use the title from your product page then it won’t do any wonders, even if it’s SEO optimized. Mainly you are required to:

Place key intents and core product attributes at the starting of the title. You should prioritize on the basis of high-value search queries and you should make sure to include all crucial elements within the first 25 characters.

You should make sure that the first 25 characters are well-optimized for display and readability. You should optimize product titles not only for a query relevancy but also for user experience and display purpose.

You should make sure that the next 45 characters are optimized for relevance and depth. If the starting of your title is focussed on making the right product type and features visible, you should use the next 45 characters to include other features and attributes that will help in establishing the relevancy. You should constantly test different features and attributes which you are including in your feed. By having a deep understanding of relationships among product features, you will be able to drive your feed optimization strategy.

Take steps to optimize your product descriptions- Good product descriptions help in increasing your ranking in google shopping. You should include additional fields in your product description in order to increase your conversion rates:

  • It is a good idea to submit rich snippets like product review count and product review average.
  • You should include rel=canonical link element on your product pages so that google can easily match the URLs in your feed to the pages which are found by their crawler.
  • You should optimize the product_type column. The more you will tell google about your products, the better traffic will you get.


Learn to manage your merchant feed and PLA campaign- The most crucial part of merchant feed optimization is to make sure that you are managing your merchant feed perfectly with feedback from your PLA campaign.


You should take steps to optimize your merchant feed on the basis of search queries that are converting. You should thoroughly analyze the queries that help in driving value to find common phrases and terms and then you should tweak your product titles and descriptions to include terms and phrases.



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