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“Social media not resulting in sales. Social marketing is poor as a direct sales channel.” What do you think? Is the gloss wearing thin?

September 21, 2013

EBRIKS INFOTECH SMO COMPANY INDIA Provides This Time The Great And Unique Information About Social media marketing refers to the process of gaining attention through social media sites. Its aim is to create content that captures the consumer’s attention and encourage readers to share it in their social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blogs, LinkedIn etc. This form of marketing is driven by word-of-mouth and sales are achieved as a result of it. Social marketing serves as a direct sales channel.

Many experts believe “you cannot sell on social media…people aren’t there to be sold to” or “social media does not result in sales….social marketing is poor as a direct sales channel”. Well, that is not true.

I believe the social media is full of people articulating a dormant and inherent buying intent.

Thousands of people all over the world log on to the internet and express their opinions, views, fears, questions, goals and happiness on Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, LinkedIn, Google etc. We have all this hidden and contained demand uttered out there. People require our services and products!

So don’t let all this nonsense of ‘social media can only influence people and not result in actual sales’, get in the way of your using social media to promote your product.

Use social networking websites to interact and build relationships with consumers. Instill confidence in the buyer, and not the service, product or company. The key to effective selling is to make the consumer believe not in the service or product but in themselves, so much that they can pull the trigger and make a purchase. In this regard, an educational approach has been found to be highly beneficial. Make sure you are helping the consumers become smarter buyers. Help them feel they can get what they want, on time and with a sense of achievement.

Engage consumers in a way that creates a response. The frequency and quantity does not matter. But the quality of the content and the design of it matters. Pushing out a lot of content about the product, but which the consumers feel that they already know or is irrelevant to them (although which may be relevant to the product or service), will not result in sales. Instead focus on piquing the curiosity of the consumer. Present your product or service in stimulating ways, in ways that they feel they want to know more. Also make sure that you are presenting them with a way to take immediate action.

By following these advices, you can increase your sales. So certainly, the gloss of social media is not wearing thin.





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