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Link Building And Content Refreshment

EBRIKS INFOTECH SEO PACKAGES INDIA Provides This Time The Unique And Quality Information About  Link building with the help of content- Google has made it difficult to build links without the use of content. It has been found out that links without surrounding context have gotten their values lowered and due to which SEOs have used content into their link building world. Guest posts are becoming popular. There is one section of a population of SEOs who is still depending on to article marketing as a tactic. The poorly written content isn’t helping much; some of the industry is also expecting google to target thin guest posting.


Performing outreach- Link building outreach is also negatively affected by weak, spammy attempts of reaching webmasters. It’s always good to offer valuable information to a webmaster because then only it can scalable across different websites. But many times, the only way to get the link is one-on-one communication. Many times, the communication is also personal, where you are required to build trust. Though, it is true that in many cases, it got ignored or declined but successful outreach does happen when you try to add value to another website or a company and not just your own.


Rules to follow to get success with personalized outreach

  • Approach. But don’t approach hard- It is always good to be prepared but don’t go in full force. You should be gentle. Make sure you are devoting time in reading posts or tweets from the person you are approaching to and is making use of the information in your outreach. It’s a good thing to consider.
  • Have a common ground- It is recommended to choose your link partners only after due consideration. Is there any connection between you and their business?
  • Offer something of value- What can you offer that other website really wants? Probably, they may not be requiring mundane, boring post. It means, if you are only trying to acquire a link for the sake of links and not offering the website something that will be interesting, you probably won’t get anything.


Benefits of updating content-

Broken link building became quite popular in 2012. This method can generate some serious link opportunities. Just think about a website that was unknowingly linked to content on the web that was although deleted or re-directed. Sites always try to link to a relevant content but were completely unaware that it may have been taken off the internet. This is a situation where you need to start repairing.

Here, steps are simple. You need to reach out to the webmaster and inform them that the link is broken and then give them a link to some content on your own website with which they can easily replace their broken link. Usually, it is difficult to devote time on minor areas, like, which outbound links are working and which are not but by sending an informative email regarding the link issue, you will be able to win the trust of webmaster.


Pay attention towards content refreshment

Nobody wants to go wrong, especially when the credibility of their content is at stake. But in reality, it is not an easy task to keep content fresh, especially when you are on large sites. That’s where, SEO can help you.


Competitive Analysis- Another area where you should pave your focus is competitive analysis. By viewing the back links of your competitors, you can easily know their relevancy and decide whether you want to do it by yourself or not. By checking the back links of your rivals, you can get an overall idea as to how to approach with your link building strategy.


To sum up, link building is an imperative concern for most SEOs and there are different ways of doing it. These methods are not at all difficult and time consuming and all it takes here is to try to see the results.



B2B Webmasters: “Focus More On Creating Brand Awareness, Not Links”

While doing SEO, B2B search marketers are ignoring some basics SEO rules, which in turn hampering the entire process. Many B2B webmasters commit mistake as they pave their focus only on building links. It is true that link building is an important tactic but if you will place too much emphasize on it then it can work against you. Let’s find out some of the short term and long term strategies which should be used by B2B webmasters-

Short-term strategies

EBRIKS INFOTECH SEO COMPANY INDIA Share This Time The Unique Information About Below are some of the short-term link and brand building strategies that will generate quick results and link profile growth-

  • Parent Company Links- It has been found out in many cases B2B companies are owned by a parent company. If this is the case with you also then you should contact them for a link on their own website.
  • Affiliates & Partnerships- It is a useful technique but it can also become disastrous if done in excess. If your company is affiliated or partnered with other companies, whose websites are having content relevant to your industry, doing link requests on a small scale can play an important role. Exchanging links on a large scale is not a good idea. It is recommended to use this tactic only for some websites. By doing it with 100 different sites, you may witness a negative impact.
  • Articles- You should work towards providing unique content to audience by using G+ authorship. If you write content only for low quality websites then it will only lower your brand value.
  • Work towards building blog relationships- Instead of paving your focus on a guest post, you should work towards building relationships with bloggers. You should create dialogue with them by using social media and engage them in your company or brand. Over the time, they may show interest in sharing your content and leadership with their audience, which in turn will help in amplifying your brand and content.
  • Directories Submissions- You should submit your local listings only on basic three directories. Before doing submission, you should make sure that the directory is relevant to your business and contains real content. You should not waste your time and money on those directories which are not effective.
  • Distribution of press releases- You should never indulge into over distribution of press release. You should always send them out when you have something noteworthy to share.
  • Trade Shows & Speaking Engagements- It is always useful to attend or speak at industrial events. It will make you and your brand name popular.

Long term strategies

Below are some of the viable long-term link building strategies which can easily be carried out for an indefinite time period and may or may not include links. They will create a strong online brand presence and will establish you in the market as a trusted information source in the industry.

    • Creation of linkable assets- Videos, prodcasts, brochures, white papers and other educational resources help in creating viable link bait, which can be easily disseminated through PR and blogs to reach the targeted audience.
    • Build Online Tools- Start building useful online tools- It is always recommended to create a viable online tool to make the site appealing. A construction company using a concrete mix calculator on their website has in fact, created a useful, link-worthy content.
    • Blogging- Undoubtedly, blogging is an imperative tool for SEO. B2B world is plain & boring and nobody cares about your items which you use for doing boring things. But if you are having a well created blog then you can use the same for making your boring industry appealing for people.
    • Build a strong link building machine- There are various ways by which you can disseminate your content through different social media channels, create brand awareness, inbound links, visibility and high targeted traffic. You should also make use of your social and PR program to amplify the message of your company. By doing social promotion of content, you can make it popular among your audience, which in turn will help in creating brand awareness, inbound links and search visibility. If your content will be informative then those audience will share your content with their own audience, which in turn will popular your brand


How Many Social Buttons Your Website Is Having?

Social buttons, like facebook, twitter, etc., at the top of the articles can
play a great role in spreading your content organically and also play an
imperative role in SEO process. However, the availability of too many
choices can also dilute the impact of some of the important platforms. Let’s
have a look on some of the most popular social buttons which should be there
on your website-

EBRIKS INFOTECH SEO COMPANY INDIA Provides This Time The Outstanding News For You Please See It About Facebook- With more than 1.1 billion users and counting, Facebook has
emerged out as the most popular social networking tool. It has also become a
viable platform that witnesses the highest level of user engagement.

Twitter- With more than 500 million users, twitter is a popular social
networking tool. It’s a much more open method of communication than Facebook
because users are allowed to ‘follow’ whoever they want, rather than acting
in a close-knit, encouraged by Facebook. This unique features make it a
profitable platform for sharing and spreading the content.

Google+- Google says that their social platform is now having 343 million
active users and thus, it is the fastest growing social network. Google ‘+1’
button seems to be very useful from the SEO point of view. The recent
changes in Google’s search ranking algorithm has prioritised social shares –

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particularly by using their own service. It made the inclusion of Google+
button important.

Linkedin- This is another button which you should given more importance.
Usually, linkedin is used more for professional purposes, therefore, we
don’t know how much visibility people would get by sharing content on it.
Unlike, facebook and twitter, Linkedin is not used by people for sharing
interesting articles. It has been found out most of the users have joined
the linkedin to accomplish their objective of job hunting, recruitment and
for keeping in touch with other business professionals.

StumbleUpon / Digg / Delicious – In the last few years, the use of these
widgets have witnessed a fall, which has coincided with the rise in Google+
and Pinterest. However, many times, the anonymity of StumbleUpon / Digg /
Delicious works in its favour. You may not be interested in sharing gamble
or alcohol related content on facebook/twitter but you can easily do the
same on stumbleupon/digg/delicious.

Pinterest- If we would go with Alexa rankings then we can conclude that
Pinterest is the 42nd busiest site in the world. It is being increasing used
by people for both marketing and business purposes. However, it has also
been found out that it has a very specific audience, as 82% of users being
female, who love to talk about only their primary interests, like hobbies
and crafts, fashion, interior designs, etc. For these reasons, it would be
appropriate to know the theme of the website before using the button.

AddThis/ShareThis- These are relatively new social buttons, which permit
users to share the content across different range of platforms, including,
twitter, facebook, and LinkedIn. The notable feature of these services is
that they can be effectively used for streamlining social media chores,
like, sharing your own articles and making sure that these are reached at
right time.

Which Buttons are Right for You?

You should choose social buttons on the basis of the aesthetics of your
website or blog and the need to reach out to more and more people. We feel
that four social buttons, along with an email button, is a right balance for
your website. But again, it will depend on the requirements of your website.
If it’s a busy layout then it would be good to use two or three at the most.

Also, you should choose social button on the basis of type of content that
you are producing. For instance, if you are selling western dresses online
then you would need to include a Pinterest button as that platform can
easily show your visual-heavy content.

The most imperative thing which should be kept in mind is that web trends
change almost overnight and therefore, in order to expand the reachability
of your content, you are required to stay up-to-date with these changes and
then incorporate them into your social strategy. It means you should not
hesitate from adopting new buttons if you think they will help your website
and discarding old ones when they fail to generate any profitable return

Effective Techniques To Establish The Authority Of Your Brand In The Market

EBRIKS INFOTECH SEO COMPANY INDIA Provides This Time The Unique  Start doing informative blogging– A regularly updated blog provides customers a reason to frequently visit your site. However, you should not fall in the trap of easy to write blog posts. If your blog post is not interesting or informative then it won’t leave any impression in the mind of readers.


Always respond to comments on your blog– Your work doesn’t get finished only by creating blog because it is important to expand your authority further by responding to each blog comment. By doing so, you will be able to connect with your readers.


Do regular updation on your social profiles– Social profiles don’t talk by themselves as you will be required to lend your voice to them. So, in order to establish your authority, it is important to maintain an editorial calendar that involves checking in with your social profiles at least twice a day. It will remind you when you should update your social profile.

Make use of search filters for answering questions on twitter– While doing twitter posting, run a few search queries for such tweets which are having the keywords that a potential customer can use to search about your industry.

Start doing guest blogging on industry websites– Guest blogging is known as a powerful approach to build authority, as it gives visibility to your business among established audience. On the basis of the caliber of the guest blogging website, you can do posting.


Reap the benefits of YouTube channel- YouTube offers immense benefits. With more than six billion hours of footages are watched every month, it is important to upload good quality content on this video sharing site in order to get recognition for your brand.


Make use of whitepapers– Wikipedia defines whitepaper as an authoritative report or a guide that helps readers in understanding the problem or an issue and thus, plays an important role in taking a decision. Whitepapers are viable ways to establish your brand’s authority and therefore, you should judiciously use them. They give an air of professionalism and authority, which you may find it difficult to achieve by using blog posts alone.


Creation of infographic-There is no doubt that infographics are highly sharable. The more sharing a piece of content gets, the more recognition a company’s brand can get. However, infographic creation isn’t a cheap and an easy task but investing into a top notch quality infographic will worth it when it comes to building authority.


Take help of mini sites– Mini sites are the new entrants in the digital marketing world. Basically, mini sites can be defined as small web properties that are in sync with a company’s main website in some interesting or informative way. Again, you may be needed to shell out money but when it comes to building authority, the investment is worth it.


What are the 4 H’s of SEO?

EBRIKS INFOTECH SEO COMPANY INDIA Provides This Time The Fantastic Information About  Every individual is blessed with 4 H, which stands for Head, Heart, Hand and Health. Likewise, every technique can be successfully, when used with 4 H. let’s discuss how SEO, Search Engine Optimization can be best put to use, with these 4 H.

Head: Here, it means brain storming, i.e., coming up with different ideas for website improvement. No matter, how well is website designed, but it is equally true that there is always the scope of improvement. Hence, one should come up with different ideas to bring changes in the site, using his or her head. Blog topic ides, video, images, etc should all be looked into.

Heart: It is never recommended to take in short cuts. Buying links to boost ranking immediately is not helpful in longer run. You might be caught somewhere. The technique of SEO demands patience. The results are visible only after regular hard work and adequate experience. The use of techniques, such as content marketing, video marketing, website designing, etc, needs to be looked into carefully for fruitful long-lasting results.

Hands: Get your hands dirty. Here, it stands for the hard work that one need to do to make a particular task a success. One cannot sit back and expect the results to appear. Instead, there is a need of regular hard work, pondering over all related aspects and rectifying bugs to be successful. Regular posting of blogs and keeping a check over social media posts, while at the same time, competitor mapping, etc should be done side by side. The crucial elements of website designing and optimization should be taken into consideration.

Health: After successfully using the above three elements, the health of website should be checked thoroughly. It should be audited to check for broken links and missing tags. The content should be updated from time to time. There should be regular checks to ensure proper functioning of the website. Many a time, minor issues may hold back your site from achieving good ranking. At the same time tools, like Google Analytics should be used to see the improvements in the website.  It should be interactive enough to attract viewers; as such a site would start on discussion and earn branding.

In order to implement these 4 H, one needs to design in a well planned strategy that looks at every aspect and come up with fruitful results. thus, now remember head, hand, heart and health and work over the website accordingly to let it stand out of the crowd.


Website Launch Checklist: Things to Test Before Your Site Goes Live

EBRIKS INFOTECH SEO COMPANY NOIDA Provides This Time The Unique Information About It is important to test a website thoroughly, before launching the same to ensure proper functioning of every element. The testing phase highlights the loopholes that may create trouble for the users, thus, it is must to point out every bug and rectify it to offer ease and comfort the users.

Let’s discuss few of the important things to test before the site goes live.

  • The content should be properly edited to avoid spelling, punctuation and grammar errors.
  • Users’ feedback is highly important. They should be asked for the ways to improve upon the flow, navigation, type of information available, etc.
  • The speed of the site’s load time is also crucial, as it may frustrate users in many cases.
  • Every page of the site should address the audience. Designers should have an eye over visual details.
  • There should be no compatibility issue with browser.
  • The formatting should be consistent with no odd blips.
  • The HTML, CSS and JavaScript codes should be properly checked by developer. Browsers issue to handle these codes should be looked into.
  • Live URLs should be tested, as when URLs transmit from staging area to production, they may change. There are tools, such as Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool that help you find bad URLs.
  • The validation code should be checked, before launching the site to ensure that search engine spider is able to crawl. It would help you know whether the page is valid or not.
  • The site should use minify, the technique that combine website code into smaller chunks to test on the speed.
  • The site should be checked for 404 error, i.e. page not found error.
  • 301 redirects should be carefully imposed, as new URLs should be mapped properly with old ones.
  • SEO professionals should check out title tags and Meta tags, as they are source for search engine spiders to help people understand what is there in the page content.
  • The website designed should be accurate XML and HTML sitemap to make it easy for users to navigate through the pages.
  • Check out the tools, including Google Analytics, Bing and other webmaster are working or not.

Likewise, there are various checks that need to be taken into consideration to ensure that the site is perfectly fine, be it from content site, SEO or web design. Testing is the crucial face before the site launches.



7 Video Marketing Core Best Practices for Brand Marketers

 EBRIKS INFOTECH  SEO COMPANY INDIA Provides This Time The Online marketing has opened up boulevards for businesses to spread message to people at large. It comprises various sub categories that help marketers to take advantage of. A few of them includes content marketing, image marketing, video marketing, link building, etc. video marketing is one of the emerging techniques, with YouTube, being the major player in successfully driving digital and video marketing success.

In order to get best business marketing results, the brands are moving beyond television style brand awareness to social media channels that focus more on social engagement for long term effects. Marketers using YouTube for business marketing see remarkable results in short time span. It is just because its data is owned and managed by top global brands.

In order to bring out the best results, marketers should follow core video marketing practices that are no doubt, valuable lessons.

  1. Regular video post: The research has brought to light that successful brands publish high volume of video content on regular basis. Leading media brands publish these videos in high volume, even up to 500 videos per month.
  2. Adequate video optimization: YouTube channel architecture should be seriously integrated in the marketing strategy; it is the second largest search engine. The rules followed by YouTube SEO are different to those of traditional SEO. It is advisable to optimize videos and channels.
  3. Avoid overproduction trap: It is because lesser quality videos also work well. Marketers focus more at video content without pondering over much of prime-time quality.
  4. Consistent Strategy: It is one of the key marketing techniques to integrate YouTube, i.e., online video strategy into their offline marketing strategy. Few marketers even prefer producing video series to engage audience. It leads to continued advertising that results in sustainable channel growth.
  5. Branding should not only be consistent, but also intelligent and methodical. Marketers brand their videos with adequate content as well as meta data, including tags and descriptions.
  6. Focus on adding content, rather than channels. The video content should be designed, focusing on target audience.
  7. Social media and engaging community. These days, social media has turned out to be an important source of traffic. Thus it is advisable to share video on social network. It attracts viewers, boosts traffic and ultimately, brings in good results.

It is believed that the company should take care of these practices in order to boost traffic at large. Marketers have measured significant improvement, following these core video marketing techniques.